Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Of Models & Muses: Wendy Is Both

Sorry for the delay in getting a new post up, I've been sick and haven't had the time or energy to get a lot of things done. I want to talk about models. Right now, I'd say that my biggest Muse, would be Wendy.

Of all of the models I've used to date, very few have the quality that Wendy has. Wendy is the successor to the long line of women who've dressed as Red Sonja and appeared at conventions all over the country. No matter the costume, Wendy brings something that is sadly missing in many women who've posed for me: Style. Its a rare thing. She has this quality that we often over look these days. Her beauty is reminiscent of Bettie Page. She has a way of bring life to the simplest of poses, be it a gesture with her hand or the look in her eyes. She brings the viewer in and captures them with those eyes. I have found in her that very rare thing that any artists seeks when they find the “right” model: A Muse that speaks to them telling them that they are being inspired by True Beauty. This is no common thing. And an artist who finds it knows that they have it. My Thanks goes out to Wendy, for whom I shall enjoy drawing and painting for many, any years.

Below is a recent painting that I've done of Wendy. This piece is currently for sale at:


Follow the link to go to my My Space Wendy Gallery.


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